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    You looking at Strip or FUE ?

    Strip is cheaper and ranges from approx $4-5 a graft with top clinics. FUE is more expensive and you'll find the most experienced Docs will charge $8-10
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    Quote Originally Posted by mkamph View Post
    that sounds about right for socal. ron shapiro charges $6 per and he's one of the most respected. with the price difference, it might be worth making a trip to minnesota.
    $6 is what they currently charge for fue, strip is $5.

    You`ll find that Ron Shapiro is one of the highest rated doctors in the world,they are well worth a consult,even if only via phone as even though you think you may know it all you`ll be surprised by how they educate you.

    Below statement is taken from SMG`s website

    Typically, we charge $5.00 per graft (USD) for the first 2,000 grafts. For grafts over 2,000, the price drops to $2.50 per graft (USD).

    Our sessions range from 1,000-5,000 grafts, depending on the situation. The number of grafts we recommend for you will be discussed during the consultation. Patients may need between 1 and 3 sessions over a lifetime, depending on their current situation and potential for future hair loss. This will also be evaluated at the time of consultation.

    For patients who travel from outside the state or country, we decrease the price to $4.50 per graft (USD) to help offset the cost of travel. Financing is available to patients who qualify.

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    This is great feedback. Thank you all for taking the time. I'm so glad to be getting this information!!

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