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    Default Which hair transplant surgery will be suitable for me?

    I am 28 years old and experiencing baldness near my hairline. So now I am thinking about going for hair transplant surgery. I found that there are different types of hair transplant treatment like FUE & FUT (as mentioned in some blogs online).
    Now I want to know which hair transplant procedure should I choose?

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    Yes, you are right... there are various techniques are available for hair transplant surgery in the hair transplant industry and Delhi is the hub of hair transplant clinics.

    If you are thinking about which one is the best procedure .. so first you should consult with the hair transplant doctor and he/she will guide you best, Because I had done also my hair transplant surgery at DermaClinix Delhi by Dr Kavish Chouhan and He had suggested to me B.E.S.T ( Bio-Enhanced Simultaneous Transplant) FUE technique. This technique is his patent method and is becoming famous for early/good results. I recommend FUE method for getting hair transplantation. I got good results with this method.

    So, finally, I am recommending to visit once & consult with Dr Kavish Chouhan. He has done his MD from AIIMS and a qualified member of ISHRS. He has lot of certifications in the field of hair transplantation.

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    When did you get your hair transplant and how much did it take to recover? I am familiar with FUE hair transplant but never heard about Bio-Enhanced Simultaneous Transplant. Is it different from FUE?

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    Quote Originally Posted by abiaamir View Post
    It depends on your hair type. First of all, you will go and consult with the hair transplant surgeon, he will suggest you which treatment is suitable for use, FUE and FUT is the most common treatment for hair transplant,
    Sure I will consult with the surgeon. Thanks for your reply.

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    In my opinion, you really shouldnt be asking an internet forum what procedure is best for your hair loss. You should instead meet with a reputable hair restoration surgeon that can give you their recommendation and what reasons their recommendation is based off of. There are many variables as to what surgery is good for what patient and this is something thats beyond what can be answered on an internet forum without an appropriate physical examination and questions regarding your history of hair loss, etc. However I would recommend watching the following videos so that when you do have a formal consultation, you are better aware of the differences between FUE and FUT.

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