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    Hi, all! I'm currently a 22 year old actor who just graduated college in the city about to enter the working world. I'm currently on the cusp of a NW 2/3 and I'm strongly opposed to taking finasteride (No shame in it! I'm on enough meds as is and don't want to mess with my testosterone levels) When things get rough enough on top, I've decided that a hair system is the ideal choice for me. Does anyone have any knowledge of excellent places in the city that won't break the bank (remember, actor budget fresh out of college). Thanks for any info!

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    Hi, while I realize that you are 22 year old norwood 2/3, I would always recommend trying some other forms of medical management to try and keep as much hair as possible and slow down your hair loss and shedding. You may realize in a few years that a hair piece is not for you and will wish you had kept as much hair as possible. You may want to look at options such as topical minoxidil, groMD hair loss shampoo and follicle activator spray (, as well as PRP and Laser treatments.
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    You have made a good decision by saying no to medication. Hair systems are better alternatives than any other medical treatments like surgery, hair transplant or consuming finasteride. I think medications come with side effects. I can understand that it is a bit hard to manage finances when you are young and short on funds. When I was of your age, I faced the same condition. Everyday, my hair fell like rain and I couldnít do anything about it. I strictly said no to medicine and wanted a different way to get rid of hair troubles.

    I admit, I was too shy to wear a wig but my fiance supported me in taking the decision. I ordered my first custom hair system from Lordhair. Though I was apprehensive initially because they products were way cheaper than other sellers, they shipped good quality 100% human hair wig to me and provided great customer support. You can check out their website and browse through their wigs catalog. Their before-after stories are also amazing and very motivating.

    Here are lordhairís mens hair replacement systems and their prices. I hope you will surely find a custom wig that will suit your personality.

    P.S: Custom hair systems are custom designed as per your head shape, styling needs, and hair texture. So, make sure you go for a custom one rather than a standard wig.

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