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    Default 34, Aggressive Hair Loss, Looking at Transplants

    Im 34, experiencing somewhat aggressive hair loss for my age (at a NW4-5). Currently taking fin + minox but realize they're only going to do so much. I've amassed a collection of baseball caps which I wear religiously and always feel self conscious about having one glued to my head. Even worse if I have to potentially remove a cap.

    So far Ive consulted with a couple of local surgeons about a hair transplant, but the results seem very overpriced (quoted around $20k for 3300 grafts FUE) for somewhat lackluster results.

    As with many, I've been looking at Turkey as a too good to be true (but possible) option. I've reached out to two clinics so far - ASMED and HLC - which seem to produce fantastic results (primarily dense hairline packing). That said, it still comes at a price: ASMED quoted 5000 grafts @2.5 EUR and HLC 3600-4000 @ 2.5 EUR. This leaves me at about $12.5-15k for a possible transplant.

    Though I can afford it (probably half up front and half loan), I've been looking for more cost effective options. With the amount of loss I have it's going to be difficult to find anything less than around 4000 grafts. Any suggestions on other Turkish docs to get a quote from?

    Glad to have found a community of people who have taken the plunge and have enjoyed reading about your experiences.

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    I would stick to the big names. I've just posted about my experience with Rahal - that cost me $15k I think.

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    While I understand that one's financial situation is taken into account when looking into a hair transplant, it really shouldn't be something used as a determining factor. First and foremost, do tons of research and find reputable surgeons whose work you admire and respect. By no means does this mean that "more expensive" equates to "better surgeon" - but it is to say to take the cost out of the equation as much as possible - particularly because you said finances aren't necessarily an issue for you. When it comes to someone with particularly aggressive/advanced hair loss, you really want to make sure you're covering all your bases when it comes to research so that you're making the best possible decision for yourself both in the short term and the longterm.

    Research surgeons, speak to former patients, have consultations with your 3 top choices, compare their assessments, ask questions, take your time.... And then ultimately trust your gut and choose the one you feel most drawn to.

    I am a patient advocate for Dr. Parsa Mohebi in Los Angeles, CA. My opinions/comments are my own and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Dr. Mohebi and his staff.

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    Thanks, Rahal is at the top of my list at this point. The amount of coverage I need may be better suited for an FUT to maximize grafts. Thus leaving grafts for any potential FUE procedures down the road. I dont want to run the risk of over harvesting (5kFUE) at this point. Besides, Rahal has a great eye for creating natural looking hairlines.

    In addition the flight to ontario is about 1200 less than to Instanbul/ankara. I also feel more comfortable that Rahal has some financing options that dont involve traveling with 10k+EUR cash in my pocket. Also from what I can tell hes pretty good about making sure his previous clients remain satisfied.

    I have a skype consult with him on thurs so hoping for the best!

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