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    Default Finasteride destroyed my hair

    Apparently this is a rare phenomenon, but it had to happen to me. Noticed a little bit of shedding about a month before finasteride and thought my hairline was receding. After searching and asking advice on the net, decided to jump on fin.

    Literally within a week my hair density dropped, shedding increased so much after roughly 2 weeks. Burning sensation in the scalp and my hair just got fried completely. Turned to straw- so dry, no amount of shampoo or conditioner touches it. I have oily skin, increased acne, increased labido, mood swings and depression (maybe due to the fact my hair is deteriating by the day). Stopped taking it after 6 weeks and still have these symptoms- 3 weeks later nothing has changed. My hair literally falls out when I run my fingers through it, which started when I was on fin. ****ing bullshit. What's even more bullshit is the amount people that tell others that these symptoms are all in your head. When I started fin 2 months ago I had thick healthy hair. And now I don't, on top of that- I can see my scalp clearly under light. I don't believe for one second that this was an ordinary shed due to fin, my hair quality has just gone.

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    The irony of this is is that i don't seem to have lost any more hairline, I've just defused all over which is even more depressing

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    Identical story except I did the 6 month thinking it was a “shed”. It completely deteriorated my hair.quit 3 months ago and it’s still going. Has yours slowed down?

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