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    Quote Originally Posted by jacknap View Post
    nice man! did u do anything in particular to recover?
    Well at first i obviously panicked so stopped taking propecia the instant i realised i wasnt quite right. Then spent the next 2-3 weeks taking vitamins to help with production of testosterone and libido. Think i migjt have put what i tool in my original posts. Apart from that i didnt nothing else apart from worry and cry a good few times lol. It just came back to me naturally like the one night i just knew something had clicked back to normal and things were back on track . Honestly mate if there was anything i did to help myself i would share it in a instant cause having a dick that dont work because of propecia is no joke. Also i think a bit of the problem at least for me probably 5% of the problem became mental like constantly thinking about it and thinking i cant get a boner just didnt help me. Dont get me wrong the issue was propecia but overthinking didnt help me. So 95% propecia and 5% mental but only after propecia ****ed me up if you understand me. Im the type of guy that can just kiss my girlfriend and instantly get turned on, watching porn as well but when i had my crash if thats what people call it i couldnt even get mildly aroused watching shit loads of porn ( i didnt have a gf at this point). But yeah possibly my saving grace was telling a friend about it so someone knew what i was going through and just working, if i didnt have a job i probably would of been toast because too much thinking is not a good thing when left alone for long periods of time.
    Anyway have a read and reply, i ll come back and try to answer any questions u boys might have.
    Gotta spread the positive vibes because if it helps but 1 person i ll be happy cause there wasnt any positive posts out there when i was struggling. Best wishes lads, i ll be back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr Dan McGrath View Post
    Dear Aznstan,
    Great question. The truth is that all the hair on your head is going to be affected to one degree or another by the presence of DHT.
    The donor hair we use for transplant should not be affected to any great degree such that it would not grow. Having said that though when you look at the donor hair region of a patient who uses propecia you can't argue with the fact that the hair in its caliper size(shaft size) gets bigger.
    So the use of propecia in a hair transplant is twofold really, protecting the existing hair and helping to thicken up the donor hair which of course will translate into a better cosmetic result with the transplant.

    Hope this helps,

    Dr Dan
    I had transplants and when I later started taking propecia, not only did the transplanted hairs grow better but also the hair remaining in my donor area covered my scalp better.

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