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    Default Alternatives to concealers for a rock musician guy with long hair?

    Hi all. I thought I'd register here and start a new thread. I'm a rock musician in my 30s from the UK who has been suffering hair loss problems for a few years. I have mid length long hair - I'm a guitarist/lead singer in a band, so I need my hair to be long to maintain the right look.

    My hair loss is somewhat on the top, and a receding hairline. Over the past few years I've experimented with many different concealers, and eventually found a workable solution using Volumon hair fibres for the top, and Volumon brush in concealer for the hairline. Fortunately the two products match up exactly in colour, so I can get a seamless colour on the top and on the hairline.

    I am mostly pretty happy with the way my hair looks with the concealers, however there are a few downsides, so I'm wondering whether there is a better solution. The first problem is the time it takes to get the hairline looking right and even looking, and the other problems are that concealers get all over pillows and can be affected by rain or hot weather when I sweat, under hot/bright lights onstage etc.

    So now to my main question. What are some other possible solutions for a guy with long hair? I am thinking about getting some custom made hair extensions for the hairline and/or top, or maybe keep using the hair fibres for the top, and getting some sort of hair extensions that will be able to seamlessly fit in and make the hairline look natural. Do such things exist?

    Or if anyone can suggest any other non surgical remedies for the hairline, that'd be helpful. I can't afford a hair transplant, but may consider a partial hair system for the hairline if it's affordable and looks natural. I don't want to get a full on wig as like I said, I do still have a fair amount of hair even when you take into account the hair loss. What are some possible alternatives? Thanks!

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