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    Unhappy Hair loss in older women

    I would like to hear from women in their late 50's to early 70's who have hair loss and what treatment you used. I have thinning hair and am using minoxidil. I am on month three of full out attack on this stuff. I am using 5% and honestly about 30 % more than the recommended 1 cc twice a day. My thinning seems diffuse, top of head. I am healthy, slender, an exercise fanatic (walk 45 min five or six days a week) and have an excellent diet. My derm has suggested procecia at 2.5 daily. I also use Nizoral shampoo. I am a bit nervous about propecia.....but do not want this to continuel

    I had AA several times in my younger years but cortisone shots in the small spots stopped it spreading and my hair regrew quickly. I have been using minoxidil for years, but all of a sudden it seems my thinning has become more noticible to me. My hair parts on its own and my part is wider......

    Any suggestion from anyone....

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