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    Default Experience of autotransplantation with Fue 4000 grafts . italian user.

    Experience of autotransplantation with Fue 4000 grafts technique: 3400 shaving hair 600 - Hair Transplant Patients - Hair Transplant section - Hairloss Experiences Hair Loss Forum

    Date of Intervention 23/11/2018 at the age of 32 Start of alopecia at 22 years with a strong slowdown in recent years, I am currently 32 and I think I have a 4/5 on the norwood scale. 1 day. I arrive in Istanbul at about 2:00 pm, after a long wait between passports and usually time at the airport I go out from there where a driver with the name of the clinic awaits me. At about 5 pm you arrive at the hotel nova plaza located in the center of Istanbul in the ZTL area, you put your luggage and you have the freedom to do what you want- The evening at 22.00 I was told that the whole group (I was in a group organized) must be operated the next day and not Saturday as agreed). 2 Day. At 11 a shuttle waiting for me outside the hotel door, 30 min (there is often traffic) and are in the mega clinic of Serkan made by a complex of areas furnished and designed according to the intended use. From here I wait in a waiting room always with the support of translators, and one after the other I go to a small room to discuss with Serkan the "project". In the company of the translator comes Serkan who draws his hairline on my forehead.
    Here, I tell you immediately that serkan speaks little, does not ask anything and does everything himself .. if you do not have questions ready, if you do not have your comments to do, serkan will draw the line and will go very quickly. Unfortunately, the project phase is managed in this way. I cmq I try to discuss the hairline and I let it lower half a centimeter compared to the beginning and I'll explain why it could not rebuild the two corners of hairiline from which this line. Anyway all in all I'm satisfied with the line. Serkan provides 3400 bulbs with a classic donor and 600 with a beard. You can not appeal to the beard, I have not insisted. Unfortunately I forgot to talk about expected density, type of bulbs, grafted and so on, obviously he does not do it for you as it has many other visits to do. When Serkan goes away I'm alone with the translator who asks me to pay with the supplement of 70 euros provided in the case of withdrawal of the beard. Pago e via (cash with receipt without stamp and signature) .. in the hall of the clinic .. From here I am taken to a room where I wash my hair and shave the whole donor area, the rest will do later. I return to the lobby again and I am accompanied first to a locker room where I change and place my stuff and then finally in the outpatient room of the surgery. Here the interpreter with the team gives a brief presentation of the various phases. Serkan arrives shortly after and redraws the front line and compares with the team, the thing lasts a little .. I see the line .. and serkan goes away. From that moment on I did not see serkan anymore.
    Intervention phase:The team in my case is young, go from 20 to 30, the operators divide the roles, and everything is maniacally organized. A person in charge of the impregnation with a pressure pen that sprays the drug at high speed causing a slight pinch, then the same person takes care of performing the classic anesthesia with the needle that also this gives a slight pain (as obvious that it is), but no roll on the bed, or screams from the pain. At least it happened to me. It was all very bearable. After anesthesia, the operator takes care of the extraction of the bulbs with a micro motor and another takes them with tweezers, bulbs that are checked and separated by other operators. Then comes the phase of channel creation, then another pre and anesthesia. This phase (opening of the sapphire-tipped channels) is done by a single operator (I hope it went well), after which another 2 operators arrive for the grafting of the bulbs, 1 operator behind and 2 total on the sides. Finished this make the dressing and go. The translator comes to life in important stages and can always be called at any time if you have questions to ask. Subsequently, an interpreter will give the drugs and explain how to take them in the following days.
    Day 3. PRP and dressing with elastic head band. Usually around the clinic with waiting in the hall between one step and another, everything is calculated. Explanation of how to perform post transplantation wash, suggestions of supplements to be taken and explanations on the post-transplantation support at a distance. Evaluation form for the treatment received and .. .. END: D
    PRO: It has the whole idea of ​​being so professional and clean, efficient, and most likely it is. You are never left alone and everything takes place according to a specific program. You are never alone. Price. Post-transplant assistance.
    AGAINST: The phase of the discussion with Serkan of the transplantation project is too fast and is left completely to him, if you do not have questions to ask or doubts, the doctor will leave you immediately after drawing the hairline. There are no arguments, he draws and a minimum of explanations to the interpreter. You will not know how many and which graphs they will use specifically, you will not know the density you are looking for. You will know only the tiotale of grafts grafted.
    Price: 2650 euros + 70 euros for beard removal. Max 5000 bulbs
    For other technical info, you can consult the many videos on the clinic network.
    Original discussion in italian forum: https://bellicapelli.forumfree.it/?t=76205115
    Picture in uptade:

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