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    Default Need Help Making a Decision- had 1 HT - Should I shave?

    I am 27, had a premature HT at age 23.... When i had this HT the doctor had given me Toppik to cover the crown as the HT was mainly in the frontal area. I now have lost more hair in the crown and mid portion of my head and have become so dependant on Toppik to cover my crown that it has put a hault on a lot of good things in life. Such as going to the beach with my friends and swimming, coming out of a shower with out dumping crap on my head before entering a room. Always having to have my hair combed with gel and hairspray in it. Not being able to commit to a girl because I am so embarrassed of my concealer. Sleeping in the same room with someone and being petrified in the morning i wake up and some Toppik has fell out....You can imagine the extent of this. As time passes the more Toppik I use the more obvious it is, to me and I am sure to others, specially the girl who sits behind me in the office haha.

    I am at the point where I am not sure if I am better off shaving my head to a #2/3 clip and rocking the bald spot / thinning top, or keeping this up and looking for another HT surgery solution. I figure if I shave it and dont have to use toppik for a bit, when it grows back its my out. I am not even looking for hair at this point. I am looking to get off the concealer! lol

    The scar I have from my HT really is not that bad. It is very thin on the sides and a little thick in the center portion. I am a confident person in general, and think i need to just end this whole hair obsession, shave my head, get a good tan going and be happy.... Below are some photos, let me know what you think. I am extremely close from taking out the clippers and putting an end to it, thought I would get some outside opinions before I do so.

    To the youngins out there, biggest mistake I made was to not just shave my head and try that look before I did my surgery. Hair grows back, surgery is not reversable. Hearing myself say that almost confirms I should just shave my head see how it looks, and worst case scenario I have 3 bad months until it grows back and I am in the same position I am now MINUS THE TOPPIK!

    Thanks in advance, pics below if it helps at all, sorry I dont have any glamour shots from the top and every angle dry and wet

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    I would definitely suggest you shave your head. Your transplant was premature but what's done is done and you shouldn't beat yourself up over it anymore. If shaving your head is what needs to be done to relax and enjoy life again, then you should definitely go for it. You're an attractive guy and I'm sure the shaved-head look will work out just fine for you. Plus, as you said, if you end up hating it, you can just grow it back out and you're back to the same position.

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    I agree... it looks as though you may suit shaved. Get the shaver out and take back your life : )

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    thanks for the feedback

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    I agree that it cannot hurt to try the shaving thing .Fortunetly, it looks like the transplant was done conservatively and you should still have some good donor left to have additional transplants if you decide to let the hair grow.
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    Listen to yourself, don't make the same mistake twice, shave evaluate, and then make the decision on the hT after that has been done.

    You really answered your own question, good call.

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