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    Default Thin or Thinning hair

    Hello Everyone.

    First post from myself.

    I have been concerned about my hair loss for about 6 years. I am currently 28. I went through a really bad shedding phase through stress with work around 5 years ago which was awful. I have receded on the temple areas by 1 inch on my left and 0.5 on my right roughly. ( I donít help this by using a hair dryer hot while doing my hair brushing it backwards)

    When I was younger my hair was much thicker, Iím sure that is the case for the majority of us compared to when we mature into adults, Iím at the stage now where I am debating a HT to restore the hairline slightly hoping I am a good candidate to do so.

    If I brush my hair back or to the side , you would never know If I had thin hair maybe just receded a bit ( try to hide that as much as I can ) natural look to some. Iíll admit that a lot of the time I donít do myself any justice by looking into harsh lighting when I do check my hair. One hair dresser thought I had a HT around 5 years ago which tells me I want to believe it hasnít got any thinner. I donít shed at all really in the shower nor do I pull a few hairs when I do a pull test.

    The thought of losing your hair is toxic, itís so hard to look into a mirror and not check, try to slap myself in the face sometimes and stop being so vein as people have it a lot worse ! It seems to be all that I think about. I seem to go through phases of being paranoid to hell then it eases off If I find peace with a certain hairstyle. If you found time to read/comment it is truly appreciated.

    How do I determine if itís thin or thinning ?

    Wishing you all the best.

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    Hello, do you have pictures that you could upload? It would help a lot to be able to see. I am a diffuse thinner, and for a good few years (before it got too bad) I was in a similar situation to you, I couldn't really tell if the hair at the front and the top of my scalp was just thinning naturally with age or if I had classic MPB. A good gauge is to compare the hair, say at the front or top of your head to that on the sides and back. Try you best to compare density. Someone with generally just thin hair will have roughly the same 'thin' density all over the scalp. If you have miniaturisation to one degree or another going on, the top will be noticeable less dense (even though it may look like you still have good coverage all over), all the best.

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    Hi Diffuse

    An honest opinion of my situation would be that I donít have miniaturisation to my knowledge. The hair I have I donít think someone would suspect thinning unless they are looking for it. I wear my hair at a number one at the sides normally so I think it would be difficult to tell. Iíll upload some pictures of in natural light and harsh lighting tomorrow. I appreciate your response 👍
    Of course the hair looks even thinner where it has receded a bit at the front. I have a consultation at the maitland clinic soon, Farjo also.
    See what they say.

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    Default Pics

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    Based on the photos it looks like you do have some recession, however it is minor and at this stage looks just like a mature hairline. What's the hair like on both sides of your family? That may give you a rough idea at the speed you are likely to receed/bald at, and again it's not conclusive, genes are funny things. My guess is that as you're already nearly 30 and only have minor recession the chances are it will continue go at a steady slow rate, as in your not suddenly going to lose it all within three months. If you were to start taking fin at this stage of hairloss you would more than likely halt the recession and thicken up what you have. However, imho fin is not necessary until ones appearance is seriously compromised by the progression of hair loss. I personally do not believe you are at that stage yet

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