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    Quote Originally Posted by John P. Cole, MD View Post
    I need to enroll patients in a new PRP study using the Emcyte PRP kit and protocol.

    The study will involve treatment only in a small portion of the crown (4 square centimeters) either with PRP and microneedling or with saline and microneedling. You will not get treatment to the entire area of hair loss and you may get a placebo plus microneedling rather than PRP. You will not know which you receive, PRP or saline.

    Patient follow-up is every 6 weeks for 52 weeks. we will measure hair density and hair mass at the beginning, 36 weeks, six months, and one year. Hair density will be measured by trimming hair.

    Here are the inclusion criteria and exclusion criteria. This is an IRB multicenter study to evaluate not activated neutrophile poor PRP at 5-6 times concentration of platelets.

    If you would like to participate in this study, please contact us at

    "Inclusion Criteria."
    "Subjects eligible for enrollment in the study must meet all of the following criteria:
    1) Male with Norwood 3v, 4, or 5 androgenetic alopecia
    2) At least 18 years old at time of study
    3) Severity
    Male: AGA classified as type 3 vertex, 4 or 5 utilizing Norwood-Hamilton classification diagnosed by history, physical examination, and either biopsy strong family history of androgenetic alopecia
    4) Willing to comply with study requirements: including maintaining the same hair color and hairstyle throughout the study and not using alternate hair los treatments, such as finasteride, minoxidil or LLLT.
    Exclusion Criteria."
    "1) Younger than 18 years of age,
    2) Medical conditions exclusion
    a. History of abnormal thyroid conditions
    b. Any unstable serious co-existing medical conditions
    c. History or current evidence of any serious and/or unstable pre-existing medical or psychiatric disorder, in the opinion of the investigator
    d. Current active systemic infection, or cancer
    e. Current active use of anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDís, should be stopped 4 days before the blood draw)
    f. Known platelet dysfunction syndrome
    g. Patients on blood thinners
    3) Hair and scalp disorders exclusion
    a. History of hair transplantation in the treatment area"
    "b. History of hair loss other than AGA including Autoimmune diseases (i.e. Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, etc.), scaring alopecias, traumatic alopecias, and trilotichomania
    c. Use of any product aimed at improving or correcting the signs of hair loss within 60 days of the start of the first treatment
    o Use of light or laser treatment of scalp
    o Use of dutasteride
    o Use of finasteride
    o Use of minoxidil (oral/topical)
    o Use of drugs that will affect hair growth
    d. Having a scalp skin disease at the area of treatment
    4) History of allergy to lidocaine
    5) History of use of steroids (i.e. prednisone, methylprednisolone, etc) that could interfere with the effectiveness of the NP-PRP, within the last 3 weeks."
    Very interesting PRP Study, I was interested to know about it.

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