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    Default Surgeons in SE Asia (Thailand)

    I'm considering surgeons in Thailand as I am currently residing here and would like some advice on surgeons.

    One is Dr Amonpatta at Maple hair clinic:

    She is willing to do my transplants and thinks I need between 1500 grafts to 1800 grafts. She appears to be published more than most surgeons in academic literature.

    My only main concern is that she hasn't posted too many successes with caucasion clients (probably because they all fly to turkey).

    Another small downer is that she charges almost an extra 1,000 usd to do the fue without shaving the head.

    The second clinic is Hairsmith Clinic:

    They seem to have more results with caucasions, but are a little more expensive.

    I know dr path and dr pong are highly regarded but both strongly prefer to do FUT (and dr path is too expensive for me).

    I have a total budget of 3500 usd - hence not flying to Europe for surgery.

    Any advice? They are both IARHS members, is this a good indication of quality?

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    just joined and am also looking for surgeons in thailand - did you have any luck on this? did you see an surgeon in thailand/how are the results

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    I would recommend Dr. Pathomvanic in Bangkok. He is by far the most ethical Dr. I met (and I met the most known in Europe)

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