Anyone tried Sandalore topical oil? Found a product - wondering if I should try it -
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    Question Anyone tried Sandalore topical oil? Found a product - wondering if I should try it

    Hi all,

    I have searched on this forum but havnt found anything similar so thought I would make my own thread.

    I have found a product containing sandalore and I am wondering if anybody has tried Sandalore and if there are any results/stories worth sharing? Im sure the results are not as impressive as the micropigmentation image!

    Here is the product, it is mixed with Argan oil. Im not sure of this as a carrier, I was thinking alcohol would be better so my hair would not be oily but what happens when the alcohol evaporators, would it be pure sandalore on the scalp?

    Because i dont want oily hair im thinking of applying it before bed and then washing it off in the morning.

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    I dont think Sandalore has been mentioned on this forum yet, here is the research which went around if anybody wants to read.

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    Hi there, Has anyone here tried Dread Hair products? I'm on the lookout for a new addition to my hair care routine, and I've heard some buzz about this brand. I'm particularly curious about the results you've experienced from these dread hair products. Did it help with dreadlock maintenance, or maybe add some extra shine and strength?

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