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    Default What's Wrong with My Head, Dude?

    Hey, all! New here. Trying to keep a little bit of optimism.

    About two years ago, I began struggling with a crippling anxiety disorder, which manifested in panic attacks and OCD-like obsessions about my health. This began after a very traumatic near-death experience. Anyway, over the last two years, I've slowly returned to being a person I recognize, and, in the last month and a half, I've really begun to enjoy my life again. I'm having fun in the last quarter of being twenty-three, and for the first time in two years, I feel young again. Up until about four months ago, I was vegetarian. I had been for about a year. The decision to do this was born out of an inordinate focus on my heart health. (I was pretty ****ed up, always worried about dropping dead of a heart attack. Yes, I do realize I am far too young to be worried about that. I can't even explain what my brain was doing to me back then.) I definitely wasn't eating a balanced diet or even eating well many days out of that year. On top of it, because of aforementioned anxiety, I was dealing with a chronic acid reflux issue that I had to take daily Omeprazole for, a medication that I've read can interfere with your nutrient absorption, especially vitamin B12. I stopped with the meds and started eating meat at virtually the same time four months ago.

    Around five months ago, however, in the shower, I noticed that my hair was COMING OUT. I could get five hairs in one pull. My OCD brain quickly went into overdrive, as losing my hair was something I had worried about before. It was a fear of mine. For the next few months, I obsessed over my hair shedding almost daily, which was undeniably excessive, certainly over 100 a day. I wasn't (and still am not) losing a lot of short, vellus-like hairs, nearly all my shed hair is of normal terminal length. I noticed also that I had overwhelming flaking and itching on my head, the worst I've ever had, verging on full-blown scalp psoriasis. Circa two months ago, with my condition not yet improving, I went to see a derm, who told me she saw absolutely no evidence of miniaturization on my head. She diagnosed me with seborrheic dermatitis, gave me a shampoo, insisted that the seborrhea was the culprit (which raised an eyebrow) and sent me on my way with aplomb and confidence.

    Well, two months later, I still have not seen any improvement at all. Hair still coming out at an alarming rate. It is now getting visibly thinner on sides, top, crown, and even back. I'm wondering if I might have developed TE a few months back, given the constant anxiety, poor diet, and reflux issues/medication. I do not have hairline recession, but my temple points, where my dandruff was worst, have thinned considerably! Many of the hairs coming out have little flakes of that plaque-like shit I had on my head, even though I've been shampooing with T-gel faithfully and the rash appears to be gone.

    I feel like this is not MPB, but maybe it is. My objectivity is out the window here as, thanks to my anxiety, I can find myself ruminating on the prospective causes of this problem for hours, googling information I've already read for the millionth time. My paternal grandfather, who recently passed away, died with a full head of beautiful hair, at 94! My father had a well-settled mature hairline way into his fifties, but after he started testosterone replacement therapy, his hair finally left him. My maternal grandfather didn't get a bald spot until he was in this thirties, and my mother HAS experienced Telogen Effluvium after her first pregnancy, which she recovered from well.

    All this said, losing this much hair has been disconcerting, and it's beginning to become visible, which makes my neurotic personality that much more neurotic. Any thoughts? All photos are with flash and when my hair is a little greasy. It gets greasy incredibly fast.
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    I have no idea what to think. Problem continues to grow. Maybe I'm just screwed.

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    Hello Tele,

    I am female, age 56 and recently diagnoses with Lichen Planopilaris. It is a scarring alopecia which results in irreversible hair loss due to scarring. Prior to my diagnosis I was diagnosed by a different dermatologist who also said I had Sebboreah Dermatitis. I KNEW that was wrong. How? Because upon viewing my scalp with a 15X magnifying mirror I could see the disgusting scale surrounding my follicles which is so much different in appearance than Sebboreah Dermatitis. I know because I have had SB.

    I strongly advise you to go to another dermatologist and ask for a scalp biopsy. I learned the hard way that you just can't trust doctors sometimes; especially dermatologists who take a quick glance at a patient's scalp and whip out their prescription pad for treatment of some disorder they THINK it is based on just looking. You need a biopsy to definitively determine what is causing your hair loss. The results of that will drive proper treatment!

    Please, please, if you have not yet gone to get a second opinion I urge you to do so. Please let me know how you make out. And I'm sorry no one replied to your post!

    Good luck!

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    It is hard to tell without before pictures and the flash makes it look worse than it is. I don't really see anything.

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