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    Default Toppik hair thickening spray - what a load of ...

    I have diffused thinning but I'm not up for shaving my head.

    I started using Fullmore thickening spray over 10 years ago and, although the canister was the size of a fire extinguisher, I was, on the whole, pretty satisfied with the product.

    Unfortunately, Spencer Forrest though otherwise, and they rebranded to Toppik.

    I don't know about you guys, but for me, this product sucks.

    On launch, they said it would be better, last longer, be cheaper ... none of it true.

    It has one purpose - to thicken hair - yet I think it would probably do a better job of painting the garden fence.

    It doesn't thicken anywhere near as well as Fullmore.

    The nozzle is so powerful it could project a man into space, but it's awful for spaying your hair with any precision. What's more, after the first application, it blocks constantly.

    It comes in smaller cans - so it is more expensive oz for oz - even more so when you consider the extra you need to use to get half the result.

    Overall, this has to be one of the crappest rebrands in history.

    Not the crappest product - that has to go to Jerome Russell's foam that I once used, which was just a joke.

    Rant aside, anyone know of a good alternative to Toppik's hair thickening spray? By that, I mean other sprays, not fibres.

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    LMAO I havenít graduated to hair fibers yet but Iím sure itís coming. Hopefully someone can help you.

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    Toppik is the worst. Especially, if you have a damaged scalp due to unethical transplant and resulting damages to the scalp. It doesnt stick on well and can wash off. The area still looks bad and unnatural even with it.

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