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    Default (20M) Do you guys think I'm balding?

    Any idea on what's going on here?


    This is mainly whats worrying me. When my hair is wet and sometimes dry, I can see this under harsh light, and it's literally everywhere on my scalp, not just one location. This is after a shit ton of shedding for 3 months that has since pretty much stopped. I would think it's diffuse MPB but there's no thinning of the crown or really any perceived loss in density that I can feel... Maybe I'm just on my way. not sure. For these videos, my hair is decently wet. Keep in mind my hair is straight and styled upwards, but still.


    Also, I went to the dermatologist around a month ago and she checked my crown, scalp, and temples and said I didn't show any signs of MPB then, but I don't know if I fully believe her.

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    Messed up the streamable link, here's the video.

    Here's also a picture of the side of my head.


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    None of your links work.

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