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    Default Turkey vs Hungary


    Finally signed up and got an account - have been browsing the forum for a few years now and itís been a massive help.

    To be as succinct as possible, hereís my situation:

    30 years old
    Shedding hair quite aggressively for 2.5 years
    Starting to see severe thinning on the temples and more noticeably at the crown.
    Itís at the stage where most people wouldnít notice that I have hair loss but I am keen to get some FUE work done ASAP.
    Have tried minoxidil for a year but got heart palpitations and tinnitus and am far too scared of propecia to even try it - even if I donít get the physical effects, Iíd probably succumb to the psychosomatic ones!

    I appreciate there are risks involved in this and that I need to consider donor resources as I donít know how far my hairloss will go, so am seeking an ethical, affordable FUE practitioner abroad.

    Iíd massively appreciate some genuine recommendations of accredited practitioners in Turkey and Hungary to reach out to - photoís would be hugely appreciated.

    Budget is up to £4,000 - iíd Be surprised if I needed more than 2,000 grafts at this stage.

    Please can someone explain why Hungary is so rarely referenced online? Seems to be a good option but itís hard to find any reviews online.

    Also, random question but is it possible to just have the donor area shaved and have the grafts implanted amongst my long hair?

    Thank you in advance

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    Oh, and FYI, Iím
    Based in Kent

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    Also, at the risk of sounding a little creepy - Iíd love to meet some people whoíve had work done abroad in London just to discuss in person. Happy to buy a coffee / juice / beer in exchange for your time

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    I had hair transplant in Istanbul and I am satisfied with the results. I have had operation with esteGrande.

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