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    Default PVT Thinner ready to board the S.S. Chrome Dome SIR!

    Hello everyone,
    28 year old here with pretty severe crown thinning that has kind of stayed the same for the past few years.
    I first noticed my crown had thinned out maybe 5 years ago when a barber pointed it out. I rock a buzz cut, or sometimes shave bald on a regular basis, I don't mind it. I just like growing my beard out, and I'd like a nice head of hair to compliment it.

    I guess I'm just curious what medication, and a possible hair transplant after seeing what a year of Fin/Dut will do.
    I just started 1mg a day finasteride, and waiting for my shipment of .05mg dutasteride that I will probably just put aside until I see what the 6 month mark will bring with just finasteride.

    I have seen some pretty remarkable results with people using just Fin on various forums, so I thought why not.

    I tried biotin, and the topical onion garlic, apple cider vinegar stink ****tail. I've also tried rubbing various oils on my dome, like argan oil, olive, and black seed oil also with no success. I've come to the conclusion that I've been fighting a ground war with a broomstick.

    Time to bring out the .50 caliber weaponry, and the paratroopers for an FUE operation if reinforcements are required.
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    Wow. I have been doing some reading on the effects of having too much DHT in the body. All these years I wondered why I sweat very excessively, especially from the armpits. I'm talking... like a faucet that was partially left on, even when not doing physical activity. Extreme body hair, and extreme I mean KING KONG donkey kong, gorilla hairy. Extreme migraines on a weekly basis, that have partially paralyzed me. I've had extreme levels of aggression in many bad situations in my life. Was always able to grow a huge beard, my cheek line on my beard is about 2 inches from my lower eyelid.

    I am wondering if lowering my DHT levels will help in many other aspects of my life, as it seems that it has been the culprit for many issues I have had in my life. Migraines run in my family, and I noticed some family members of mine are far more aggressive than most people in society. I was also born very premature, one of the smallest babies on record at the hospital in Boston I was born at. I'm wondering if this somehow effected hormone production regulators?

    The body is an amazing machine.

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    All good questions for you doctor!

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