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    Default Hello, am I balding?

    Hi, i've been following this forum for a few months now mainly due to the fact that i've had this idea of me going bald when checking the mirror. I often come to this forum to know more about 'Male Pattern Baldness' and if i'm affected by it and to tell you the truth it's a very informative forum.

    I'm 22 years old and I recently started noticing my hairline recede back a bit, especially around the temples... which a few friends of mine have joked about me supposedly losing my hair.

    I tried Nizoral but that shit made my hair shed a bit so I stopped... and i just cut my hair down to a number 0. I don't smoke, or drink, or do anything that could make me lose hair. I'm actually healthy, very very healthy so i think the only think that could make me lose hair is my genetics.


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    Lmfaoo no replies

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    MPB is caused by a combination of three factors, Genetics, Hormones, and Environment.

    You can start as early as 15. I suggest you see a doctor and get checked out. At least from what I see, and with no "before" pics to compare to, you may have some overall thinning.

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