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    Unhappy Would I suit being bald?


    Hi all,

    Iím new here so if I make any mistakes regarding forum posts, I do apologise!

    So, a little back story in my family history before I begin and a little about myself:

    On my fathers side, he is bald, his father is bald and the majority of men in his family are in fact bald (my odds donít look great here!)

    On my mothers side, her father did thin but still retained a head of hair, along with most of the other males on her side of the family, so itís complete polar opposites!

    I am a 20 year old male.

    So, around 3-6 months ago I began to notice some minor thinning around my hairline and the right side of my hairline is very slightly more receeded than the left (I donít think the left has really receeded at all to be honest) but there has been some minor recession in the right hand side. I donít think Iím an NW1 yet, but judging by my age, I think my hair might fall out early!

    Iím probably panicking more than anything but one thing Iíd just like to know from you all is, do you think Iíd suit being bald? I feel like I have a huge egg shaped head and could never pull it off and it has been playing on my mind and ruining my self esteem recently. I could also possibly grow out my beard if that would help?

    Thanks guys,

    - Micheal

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    You can always try it, buzz first, adding a beard always helps for balance, and you appear to be able to grow a nice one.

    You can head over to: http://www.slybaldguys.com/smf/ for support!

    Good luck,


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