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    Default Is generic proscar just as good as the name brand

    Is generic proscar just as good as the name brand?......
    Pharmacy said it was exactly the same formula but is it really?

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    Has anyone started then stoped the treatment for 2 or so months and start to see thinning?

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    If the generic Finasteride is coming from a reputable pharmacy it should have the same effects as name brand Propecia. I have had several patients over the years that where using Finasteride and stopped taking it because they thought it was not working. Shortly after they noticed an increase of thinning/shedding and most quickly started taking again. Often patients do not realize that the Finasteride was working until they discontinue using it.
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    dr chalres did you get my pm on the HTN?

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    It should be the same thing if the generic comes from a legit company. I would not trust generic from an Indian company since they are not regulated in the same way as U.S. companies.

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    Thanks Guys....

    Dr Charles I have a question regarding shedding.......Ive been on proscar 2.5 Mg for about 8 years with good results. However every 6-8 months I stop it for a week or so to make my body adjust then get back on it again.

    I never lost any ground.....About 6 months ago i was trying to have a baby and stopped taking it for about 2 months then got back on it again with the same dose......only this time was with generic

    Over the past 4 months my hair has been rapidly thinning in areas that were once thicker.

    I also went through a shed in the beginning along with once every 3-5 years but never like this...

    What do you think?

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    Has my body readjusted and am going through a shed as if I just started taking it?

    Is 2 months long enough for this to happen?

    Or has the meds just stop working.....The pharmacy im getting the script from is a reliable one from NY

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