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    Strands of hair covering your hands or coming out in huge blocks is not normal. Are you under stress? anything going on in your life that is putting you under a lot of pressure? Sometimes you don't even realize it. You hear the jokes, but prolonged stress or worry can cause hair loss.

    Or you could just be getting your adult hairline. 21 or 22 is about right. Some get it a little earlier.

    I'd monitor the situation and maybe use minox. Do your research but you basically have two options at this point: 1). Do nothing and wait. 2). Go on meds.

    The meds option has several choices so make sure you fully understand what you're getting in to before jumping in.

    If you're concerned about the scalp showing a little at the crown, etc (which does not look bad by the way), perhaps a cover product would shore up your confidence. A tiny blast of pro-thik would do in a suitable color...

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