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    Lightbulb International Patient Advisor for Dr. Tejinder Bhatti, India

    Hello All, ,

    I am incredibly proud along with excited to announce that as of today I am officially coming on board with Dr.Tejinder Bhatti and his team as his International patient advisor. Many people already know of Dr Bhatti as his reputation precedes him but many newbies arent aware of what a remarkable surgeon he is as well as caring and ethical and im very much looking forward to expanding his reach as well as assist his patients throughout their HT journeys with him. Dr Bhattis is without out a doubt one of the worlds leading FUE hair transplant surgeons and it is an honour to be asked to be a part of his clinic.

    See my video with Spencer Kobren here announcing my association with Dr Bhatti:

    I have admired Dr Bhattis work for many years and spoken and very happy to now be able to offer his clinic support with their ever growing patient enquires. I will be assisting him and all his patients on a daily basis as I do the other surgeons I represent. Ill be available to answer patient questions whilst relaying Dr Bhattis personal opinion in relation to patient consultations and treatment plans.

    I very much look forward to offering support and guidance to all his patients and being there to help guide them along the way with any questions.

    Please feel free to contact me directly on with any questions.For anyone who is yet to be made aware of Dr Bhatti and his abilities as you may be very new to the forum please see below only a small number of his patient testimonials and results to show the calibre of surgeon he is and the level of service he provides.


    Patient results ands testimonials for Dr Bhatti :

    Dr. Bhatti patient | 3305 FUE

    Dr. Bhatti | 3450 FUE patient

    Dr. Bhatti |4500 FUE patient

    Dr Bhatti | 2472 FUE patient

    4012 FUE patient | Dr Bhatti

    3656 FUE patient | Dr. Bhatti

    NW6 | Dr. Bhatti patient

    3226 FUE | Dr Bhatti

    Dr. Bhatti |1686

    3600|Dr Bhatti FUE patient

    Dr Bhatti | 987 FUE Hairline

    2965 FUE |Dr Bhatti

    3000 FUE | Dr Bhatti

    1818 FUE|Dr. Bhatti

    Patient testimonial with Dr. Bhatti

    3567 FUE| Dr. Bhatti

    2157 FUE patient |Dr Bhatti

    2145 FUE |Dr. Bhatti

    3700 FUE |Dr. Bhatti

    2560 FUE |Dr Bhatti

    1766 FUE |Dr Bhatti

    Dr. Bhatti hair line repair case

    Dr. Bhatti | A brilliant hair transplant Dr
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    Hi spex
    Im actually looking to have a hair transplant with dr bhatti i was wondering if could speak to for advice on some things im from Scotland.
    Thank you

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    Of course ! Drop me an email.

    Happy to help !


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