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    I think it would be wrong for me not to thank everyone on here. The truth is I have been looking at forums like this for 5 years wondering whether or not to HT. I just want to say thank you to everyone who have allowed me to leach off your experience and information.

    If you do not care to read my story, thanks for the advice. I wish everyone luck in their decision making process.

    Im 29 and had my first FUE done this afternoon abroad (2300) grafts. The procedure was quick and painless and now i just have a bandage and a bandana. I first started losing it in my early 20s and it got real bad this past year. I can't say why, but it did. I was in a special operations unit in the army and the hazing there can be pretty bad, so I used to hear about my thinning hair a lot. I really hated it because its not like something you can get better at. Its not like making fun of someone overweight who can get back in shape. Anyhow, I recently had a period in my life where I completed a long sought after goal and had a month off from work. I figured its now or never. I was so nervous and debated whether or not to do it even in the office the day of the procedure.

    Why I decided to do it:
    First off I had it done abroad so it was half the price as in the States. I found a reputable Dr. in the Carribean and figured I could hang in the Carribean til it heals enough to not be noticeable. I debated to trying PRP Fin and Foam, but although the side effects of fin are minor, I did not want to screw with DHT because it is essential for muscle density. I am not sure anyone truly understands how limiting this can effect a person long term. In any event, I am happy I did it. I am hoping it is not noticeable in 10 days and a hat can buy me enough time where no one can tell.

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