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    Default 3 months of finistride

    I have been losing my hair slowly for about 20 years. I'm 48 now and about two years ago it started speeding up rapidly. This culminated in a trip to the barbers in April when I was given the bad news that my normal style wouldn't really be possible anymore as I had lost too much at the front. I don't know much about the Norwood scale. I had decent hair at the back but an island was forming at the front and it was disappearing rapidly. I always thought I would be fine losing my hair but the barbers comments sparked a pretty swift reaction.

    I jumped online and ordered 1mg finistride. After some fine tuning of the dosage I now take half a tablet mon wed fri sun. I also take 500 mg magnesium, b complex and zinc.

    After 3 months I have to say I am blown away by the change. I wish I had taken pics at the beginning as I have nothing to compare it to now but I used to have to shift my hair around to make it look like I had more coverage and it looked pretty shocking and was starting to look obvious. I was close to shaving it all off. Now I don't even think about it. If I look then there is still less hair in the areas where it was thinning but its a lot thicker and much less noticeable. I am a convert and will definitely continue

    there have been some sides. Morning wood is reduced but libido is ok. I did feel a bit weird like I wasn't really there for a bit but I changed the dose and so far I feel ok so I'm sticking with it.

    just thought I would share my experience on here. I'm often sceptical of accounts I read on these forums and didn't expect to be one of the good luck stories but I am very happy to be one!

    one other change that may have made a difference is reducing my stress levels massively by making some life changes so its hard to say what had the greatest effect but I will continue to keep it all going and hope for it to carry on!

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