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    Default I see bald people...

    Seriously, every day. Walking around I always check out bald people, specifically those who are bald by choice - whether its buzzed or shaved or whatever, I always find myself paying extra close attention to their head.

    (This is because I had an FUT about 9 years ago and now I have a noticeable scar. I bit the bullet and shaved it last year and LOVED it looking at myself straight on in the mirror, finally felt some relief, but then looked at the back of my head and realized I just couldn't keep it, scar too visible. I even got SMP into the scar which did help somewhat, but it was still very noticeable so I grew it back out... I am exploring some scar revision options now, FUE into scar, etc. Not giving up yet.)

    Anyway, ever notice that everybody has a natural crease in the back of their head. In many people its visible just standing still. For everybody its more pronounced when they look up. But what I've noticed is that the natural crease is noticeable for a majority of people with shaved heads or buzz cuts. Some more than others, but I look for that every time now.

    My question: has anybody had an FUT where the doc deliberately cut directly along that natural crease? I couldn't seem to find any topics on this searching on these forums or elsewhere online. To me, that seems like a much better choice to hide a scar rather than having an arbitrary smiley face across the back of your head. Plus it would go a long way to helping conceal the scar should people want to keep their hair short down the line.

    One of the big selling points of FUE is the lack of linear scar should you choose to eventually wear your hair short. To me, a little more strategic placement of the FUT scar would accomplish the same thing and be an equally effective selling point, no?

    Wondering if anybody has considered or has experience with and FUT where the scar follows the natural crease in the back of your head. Or if there are discussions about this about why its a good/bad idea.

    Thanks in advance--

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    Hi Scar Remorse, I have noticed your observation about looking at bald heads and seeing creases, etc. We are in a very similar situation. I have had a few FUT and an FUE with the goal after my first FUT to primarily hide my scar after I realized i would also be bald. I look at bald people that shaved it off and wish I did the same. I used to buzz it but was sold and I guess unrealistically fell for the idea I could go back to days when I had nice long hair.

    How was SMP work or for you? I see you made some posts on it in 2017 about shaving and were considering FUE into scar. Did you go for it? Did you keep it shaved down? I am on the fence but really leaning towards SMP and buzzing my head.


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    Hey FUTscarredDUDE - Sorry I never saw this reply, glad to hear I'm not the only one who constantly checks out dudes' heads. Haven't checked in on here in a while but jumped back on recently.

    Just made another post that summarizes where I'm at now and what I'm hoping to do. SMP helped, but was still very noticeable. Had FUE into the scar which also helped. Getting better each time and debating what to do next!


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