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    Default 16 year old balding

    My hairline 8 months ago


    Vertex is aight.

    Has my hairline receded more? On my right temple there are no baby hairs, while on the left there are more baby hairs but it is not receded as much. Is mature hairline legit? My maternal grandpa was nw3 thin on top age 40 when he died, dad nw5 age 56, but my hair is like none of theirs, i have dark brown hair, my dad had light brown and grandpa had black. My great grandpa had brown hair and apparently "had a lot of hair" ( sounds like dogshit cope by my mom tbh ). I live in a horseshit country so dermatologists and pharmacists are retarded, derma just told me to **** off ,"you're overthinking it" , "NATURAL HAIRLINE", " JUST BIG FOREHEAD".( When I was 14 there was no recession on the temples, happened when i was 15). When i made my mom go with me to the pharmacy to buy minox, the dumbass pharmacist told her "oh no he's too young, this is for like 50 year olds" and made us by some bullshit alpecin product. When i lift my hair to see myself in the mirror i feel like ****ing vomiting, even subhuman ******s in school tell me " fix your hairline bro" " bro look at his hairline" " you have a receding hairline", and they look like total incels, receding chins, weak jawlines, narrow shoulders, narrow skull, short ramus, no maxilla, gigantic philtrum, tiny ethnic foreheads. I am planning on getting on propecia, minox , dut and nizoral when I go to the US( in 2-3 years). Will I get to nw3 by then? am i nw2 yet? Anything i can do right now to prevent it for as long as possible by then?

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    reply *******s

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