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    Default Minoxidil causing bad rash on my head

    Ive been using minixidol 5 mg Foam for a week. My scalp is super itchy and i now have red dots( bad rash) on my head and on my forehead.
    My ears are also inflamed. I guess im allergic to minoxidol itself?
    Any alternative? Im disappointed.

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    Itching an irritation are not uncommon with Minoxidil the liquid version contains a ingredient called Propylene Glycol the stuff causes an allergic reaction called Contact Dermatitis in people that are allergic to it.
    Problem solved Just use the foam instead the foam is not made with the stuff.
    Works great for me

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    I've had both the liquid and the foam version cause scalp irritation, but the foam did so less. I found that if I used head and shoulders anti-dandruff shampoo daily before apply it, this helped massively with the irritation.

    As for the inflammation, I found that minoxidil affected my hearing. I think it caused minor swelling inside the ear canal as it kind of felt like if I was to yawn my ears would pop and my hearing would go back to normal - but it wouldn't (possibly due to swelling in the canal caused by the drug). When I stopped using it the issue went away.

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