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    Question When will the hair come in . . . ?

    Hello dear bloggers,

    I am 36 years old and recently had a hair transplant. Unfortunately probably due to the surgery trauma to the scalp (I don't know), the apearance of the bolding areas became unexpectadly worse. I know that it takes a few months for the transplanted hair to come in, but it's rather depressing to go thru the 5 hour procedure and feel that you need to be doing something else in addition, or else...

    I honestly don't think that my hair will improve that much even when the transplanted hairs start to become more visible. The transplant took place at the end of April and it was done by a well known doc with many years of experience, so I don't doubt that it will be sucessfull. It's very uncomfortable to talk to people and notice that their eyes point right into the direction that you would rather they not look, but they apparently can't help themselves.

    Any similar experiences out there? Any hope to pass along?

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    Question Is mesotherapy a good and safe treatment for hair loss?

    . . . I came across MESOTHERAPY used for hairloss in form of multiple injections into the scalp. Is anyone familiar with it? Has anyone tried or can provide an informed opinion?

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    Default Be patient....

    Although it's unfortunate that you feel you look worse after surgery, this can happen for some patients and your doctor should have told you about this before the procedure. It takes 3 months for the newly transplanted hairs to start growing again. It also takes 3 months for the 'traumatized' hair to start regrowing. Dr. McAndrews tells patients that at 3 months, they won't really see improvement. It really does take about 6 months to start to see cosmetic improvement from the hair transplant.

    Mesotherapy can be expensive, not to mention painful. In the end, it will not affect your results, make the hair grow better or faster. It will just empty your wallet.

    We know it's hard to be patient, because you are anxious to see the results and avoid the looks, but that is exactly what you need to do.

    Hope that helps!
    I am a representative for Paul J. McAndrews, M.D.
    My goal is to help answer questions about hair loss and hair restoration in an unbiased and informative manner. For more information on Dr. McAndrews, click here http://www.iahrs.org/DisplayProfile....%EA&sID=%B2%9A or http://www.hairgrowthdoctor.com/.

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    Hey there,

    Your surgery timeframe is very similar to mine in that I also hair transplant at the end of April.

    It sounds like you have shed some of the existing hairs around the areas that were transplanted (called shock loss) in addition to the transplanted hairs themselves. This is completely normal and my understanding is that this is very typical of the majority of hair transplant patients. It is certainly the case for me (if that is any consolation. ) Styling my hair is much more difficult now than it was prior to the surgery, especially as I have pretty significant shock loss in both the donor and recipient areas.

    Prior to my own surgeries, what I had gathered from other patients and even from hair transplant physicians is that you need to be prepared to look worse before you look better. The first 3-4 months can be just awful on your self esteem; you very well could be questioning your decision to go through with the surgery and constantly wondering if the hairs will ever grow. Many people refer to this stage of the process as the "doldrums". Again, completely normal.

    I know it's hard, but hang in there. Try not to spend too much time staring in the mirror at your hair too much at this point (I know I have a hard time following that advice ) There are lots of people who can sympathize with you.

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    Default did it work -


    As you had your surgery in july how does it look now?

    What did it look like in a months time as i am going away and didnt know how to hide the hair loss and pokey bits which i hope will stay in my head?

    Are you happy you did the surgery?

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