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    Default .003 poly or swiss lace?

    Which one has the best hairline?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tylerbose View Post
    Which one has the best hairline?
    The short answer......both. Assuming both have excellent graduation of hair at the hairline, then the determining factor will be attachment. If either attachment using adhesive/tape is poor then the hairline will look like crap. If you have never worn a hp previously you are likely to have fewer issues in the beginning with lace. Given that a lace or uts hp has a typical longevity for a new wearer of 3 to 6 months, you will likely be ordering another within the first few months of wearing. Learn the basics with lace, then, try the uts.

    See this thread from May.....https://www.baldtruthtalk.com/thread...ollege-student. Toplace and NW Lace are mentioned. Both sites have pics of new and experienced wearers. You will see excellent hairline examples with uts and lace.

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    Simply, try both and see which is best for you. Its very personal.

    For me its not just about the hairline but the whole how it feels and how easy it is to manage.

    I am not a fan of liquid glue (its messy for me) so I steer away from UTS and use lace. Many others love it.

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