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    Default 16 year old receding hairline (w/ photos)

    Oh where do I start...
    Let me say right off the bat that my family doesn't have the best history with hairlines (More on that later), but i believe my hair is receding and i'm barely 16. The point of this post is just asking if there's any hope for me, or has genetics doomed me to look 20 years older than I really am??

    So about me and my family...

    On my mothers side, the women have impeccable hairlines. The men, however, all have hairlines that creep back on the sides and make the W shape. None are bald, but even my younger uncles in late 20's/ early thirties have the W shape.

    My fathers side is different; he's the only son. His dad has a perfect hairline, not balding in the slightest despite his age, but my dad is a different story. He started balding in the front and back when he was young, and cut his losses and went completely bald at 18.

    My hair is not balding in the back, and I am not losing hair from what I can see. I can't pull on my hair and pull out hair. However my forehead is HUGE and my hairline is a disaster. From my genetics and current state, should I expect more hair loss? Is there any way to regrow hair and get back a nice hairline? None of my friends suffer from this, and especially because my hair is so unique and one of my defining qualities it causes so much anxiety and depression. Is there any hope? If you have questions just ask.. first post here.


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    Nobody can help me???

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    Hi there,

    It appears you are in the NW 2 or NW 3 range.

    Consult a doctor,

    Compare with past pictures when you were 14 or 15 and even when you were a really small kid (4 or 5 yo)

    If it has receded too much when compared to the old ones, You might be facing inevitable hairloss problems.

    If your hairline has been like this since you were really young, you might be just having high hairline genetics. Don't freak out yet.

    To take care of your hair health:

    Just take biotin, a Multi-vitamin tablet, Zinc tablets and make sure your diet is in check. Wash your hair with the best possible clean water, and dont use too many chemicals. Eat 2 eggs everyday.

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