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    It’s unlikely that hudson will be on the show since he still has not identified himself. I do think hearing both sides of the debate is very valuable for anyone who is thinking about having an FUE hair transplant.

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    Any news on the interview? Spencer if you’re reading this can you let us know?

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    Absolutely unbelievable. It never ceases to amaze me that whenever a new aesthetic procedure arrives, so too do the critics, almost all of whom have NEVER used or even seen the new technology in question. Introduction: Hello everyone, my name is David Bays, Founder and Managing Partner for Omni Medical, one of the distributors of NeoGraft. I have over 16 years of experience in the medical aesthetics business and have worked for and with some of the most well known companies in the world at the manager and executive level. Let me just jump right in and say that whether I worked with NeoGraft or not, the posts and press releases recently issued...more specifically, the headlines that had the words WARNING and NEOGRAFT broadcasted everywhere were completely over the top, misleading and possibly libelous in my opinion. Its one thing to start a "discussion" on a new technology and how it may or may not improve that particular field and it's quite another to launch what I consider an all out smear campaign. Fact: Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeons would have short lived careers without the technology manufacturers that provide them with the innovative "tools" that "assist" them with their craft and help to ensure the highest levels of safety and quality procedural outcomes are achieved. Fact: ALL surgeons are introduced to new technology ALL the time. I thought it went without saying that NO physician or surgeon is exempt when it comes to learning any new procedure or technique in it's entirety from experienced professionals whether they are veteran physicians, nurse trainers, company representatives or a combination of all of these options. Manufacturers of new technology are obligated to provide options for education and training (both direct and indirect) otherwise that company will not be in business for very long. Physicians, especially new ones who wish to expand their scope of practice (which most have every right to do) are even more obligated to ensure that they are properly trained in any procedure they carry out as they are bound by a "do no harm" code of ethics. They are further incentivised to receive as much training as possible with the threat of malpractice lawsuits and/or license suspension. This is common knowledge or at least I thought it was. Apparently according to some, we need to start including this disclaimer in every single marketing piece. FYI, if a physician "chooses" not to seek out and take advantage of all training available and necessary to competently perform any procedure to the highest standards, then it's safe to say that they won't be a physician for very much longer. I also thought it was common knowledge that it was a patient's obligation and responsibility to research any physician's background and experience before having them treat you. The internet is great these days and gives us access to resources to help us determine if: "I should let this person work on my car," "should I hire this person to be my contractor," and even "should I choose this doctor to perform my hair transplantation procedure." Fact: The new 4th generation, FDA approved NeoGraft is a TOOL that for "some" will offer both them and their patients increased benefits. Just as with any aesthetic device both surgical and non-surgical, these benefits are often subjective. "Do I use IPL, fractional erbium, microdermabration or medical grade skincare to treat my patient's pigmented lesions?" "Do I combine treatments?" "Is this patient even a candidate for this procedure and if not, do I have something else I can offer them?" "Have I been completely trained in all of these possible options?" The bottom line is that if you feel that the new 4th generation NeoGraft isn't a tool that you or your patients will benefit from, then just say no thanks and be done with it. There are and will continue to be plenty more physicians who will actually take the time to see the new NeoGraft in action and decide for themselves that this will indeed be a great addition to their practice. A lot of physicians, some of whom are very well known and respected have already successfully added NeoGraft to their practice. I have no doubt that their patients are happy. In conclusion, I can confirm without hesitation that NeoGraft, Omni Medical and all of the other representatives will continue to encourage physicians to discover the innovation and numerous benefits (both procedural and financial) the new, 4th generation, FDA approved NeoGraft has to offer. We will conduct ourselves with the highest degree of integrity and professionalism…and we are all committed to encouraging the “positive” advancement of the hair restoration industry. Whether NeoGraft was here or not, there will always physicians who will consider expanding their scope of practice to include hair transplantation (strip and FUE.) We will continue to encourage comprehensive and continuous education for all physicians at all skill levels. I look forward to hopefully working together to achieve this common goal.

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    Thanks for your response Mr. Bays. It sounds a little like political spin to me, but what do I know? You make some interesting points that all lead back to what Spencer Kobren and Dr. Bauman and Dr. Epstein pointed out in the first place. That the Neograft is just a tool as you put it and it’s up to the doctor to get the training to do a good hair transplant. So what’s your gripe?

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    Mr. Bays, I was curious about NeoGraft’s FDA approval and wondered if you can show me where I can find that approval on the FDA website? I also thought that the FDA only cleared medical devices as a 510k clearance. Can you clarify this for us?

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    Mr. Bays, I think that Winston is asking a reasonable question. What sort of FDA approval does Neograft have? Why haven't you answered Winston's question?

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