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    Default 42 year old gets rejuvenated look by Dr. Ken Anderson, MD, FISHRS

    Dr. Anderson is a miracle worker.

    My journey with Dr. Anderson began in 2010. Back in 2003, I noticed my hairline starting to recede at the temples, so I started Finasteride. I had great success with that for years, but when I was 33 I noticed it started to recede again.

    I have always wanted to be in a situation where people just assumed I had not lost any hair rather than going from thin to full hair. I decided to be proactive and not wait until it was very obvious. I met with Bosley, but they told me I had to wait until I lost more hair because it would only be a small procedure (ie, they wouldnít get enough money).

    Then I found Dr. Anderson. Even though I only needed fewer than 1000 grafts, he had no hesitation taking me as a client. He used a linear procedure, but the scar was so small that when I went in for a consultation a few years later, he had a difficult time even finding it. The recovery time was very fast (a few days). The grafts were noticeable for about 2 weeks, so I lightly wore a hat. After 8 months, the hair had grown in, and all I can say is the results were phenomenal.

    Itís not too much to say that Dr. Anderson isnít just a surgeon ó heís an artist. He took time to make sure that my hairline looked completely organic. It was so natural that my hairstylist didnít believe me when I told her. She said she could always tell when someone had work done from Bosley.

    Every few years, I would make an appointment as a follow-up. Dr. Anderson understands that men can be paranoid about their hair loss. Even though I didnít need anything done at that time, he was patient and compassionate.

    Most men will end up having more that one procedure, and that was true of me. By 2017, I had lost some fullness around the temples and had some more recession, so I scheduled another linear procedure. A year later, I couldnít be happier with the results. In addition to the surgeries, I continued with Finasteride and now have added Platelet Rich Plasma treatments and the laser cap for maintenance.

    If you have any concerns about hair loss, go to Dr Anderson. You wonít be disappointed.

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    Hi Justin,

    After reading through a few of Dr Andersons patient testimonials recently this is yet another great example of what a great surgeon he is as well as caring man who is all about the patient.
    Do you have any pictures of the process and any updates as would be great to see how things are now! Well done on chasing a great surgeon.

    Be great to see the results!

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    I am not a doctor or medical professional and my words should not be taken as medical advice. All opinions expressed are my own unless stated otherwise. Always consult with your own family doctor prior to embarking on any form of hair loss treatment or surgery.

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    Thanks for taking the time to review your experiences at our center! You were a fantastic patient and I'm looking forward to seeing you in about a year with your new hair! We'll be checking in on you over the next year every few months by telephone just to make sure things are going smoothly and to answer any questions, and then we'll be asking you to return to us in about a year when the hair has grown in. In the meantime, feel free to call or visit anytime!
    Ken Anderson, MD, FISHRS, ABHRS
    Founder, Director, and Chief of Surgery, Anderson Center for Hair
    Assistant Clinical Professor of Surgery, David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA
    Board Certified, American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery
    Board Certified, American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
    Board Certified, American Board of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery
    Member, International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons
    Fellow, International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery
    Founder and President, American Academy of Hair Restoration Surgery

    +1 (404) 256-4247

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