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Thread: Dr Geza Sikos

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    Default Dr Geza Sikos

    Im a 27 year old male nw 5 from the uk looking for a hair transplant surgeon I was wondering if anyone had any information or was a previous patient with Dr sikos in hungary He is a iahrs surgeon and seems really Reasonable with his price.
    Thank You

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    Dear mclean,

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    alright cheers mate. I did find it weird a dr on the iahrs with cheap prices in comparision to alot of others doesn't seem to have any reviews.
    thank you

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    My problem with foreign countries and their docs is: what? you gonna fly back every consult or issue that comes up? The Surgeon needs to see YOU not pics, I agree with who is doing it, but techs today are sometimes more savvy than docs. Cheaper prices doesnt mean a bad transplant. Id caution you also if things go horribly wrong, seeking a judgement in Hungary may be legally tough...There are some great docs all over the free world doing HT. I always ask myself, if something goes wrong, do I want to be far from home or in my comfort zone?

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    Im not planning on going with him mate its a consideration at this point. Your right in the fact that if something went wrong it would likely be even worse in a foregin country but the whole point of this site and posts is to help people find surgeons where the chances of things going horriblry wrong for patients is alot less.
    I couldnt get a hair transplant in the uk it would cost to much and its possible to go to a foreign clinic which is cheaper and better than the vast majority of clinics in the uk. its a risk having the surgery done full stop no matter what country its in youve just got to find a good surgeon.

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    Me living nearby and considering a HT as well I made some research about which doctor performs in this area. Some of them got filtered out immediately, Dr Sikos not, I even had a consultation with him. He was nice all the time but he got straight to the point. He advised me to wait some years with the operation (I was 22 back then) as it would not be smart to have a HT at such a young age. He took some photos of my hairline to be able to make comparisons later if I come back.
    So he got through this filter as well, hes nice in person, not greedy, the room where the appointment was was elegant as well, etc etc. His results are to be honest not as amazing as in case of the other candidate Im considering to go to - Dr Erdogan, but they are quite good - at least judging from his reference pics.
    To be honest I dont know what is the reason why hes so unknown internationally, in Hungary he has a reputation to be one of the bests if not the best. The prices are reasonable too.

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    I was curious about this gentleman too, there doesn't seem to be anything about him on the forum, although he is a member of the IAHRS. He has a couple of bad reviews on google, but the translation seems to indicate (although difficult to discern) that they are disgruntled patients who didn't understand a price quote, or who don't understand how HTs work (you have to wait a year to see full results).

    Some of the pics on his website look impressive, but then, they always do don't they?

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    Default dr. Sikos patients review

    Geza Sikos, MD
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    Hi there,
    He is an excellent surgeon and I've spoken to a number of his patients over the years who have only great feedback on their experience and results.
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    Hi Calum,

    Just wondering if you got your op? Did you find any more research on Dr Sikos as heís come recommend to me but Iím trying to do a bit of research myself.


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