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Thread: Dr Geza Sikos

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    Same question here...

    Quote Originally Posted by DJM View Post
    Hi Calum,

    Just wondering if you got your op? Did you find any more research on Dr Sikos as heís come recommend to me but Iím trying to do a bit of research myself.


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    Yeah, I'd be very interested too, he seems to be a really good doc, but can't find much information about him.

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    I had an interview with one of Dr Sikosí assistants yesterday. Very thorough. I spoke to Dr Sikos too, though only for a couple of minutes. He seems to be quite honest in his appraisal and the only doctor that has suggested two separate HTs to avoid over-harvesting from the donor, which sounds sensible. Anyone else had any experience with his clinic or intending to go?

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    I'd be interested to know if he has a UK patient representative or former patients in the UK willing to chat. I know Budapest reasonably well, so if I were to have another HT, Dr Sikos would definitely be on my list.

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    Hi ya,
    Ive put the feelers out and waiting to hear back
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