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    Hey guys

    I had been taken rogaine minoxidil 5% liquid for a bit more than 2 months and all of a sudden - literally from one sec to the other - anxiety began. IĎve never had any anxiety before, iĎve always been super chilled.

    I stopped taking minoxidil 6 weeks ago and started seeing a phsychologist. She said this may cause the problem.

    Has anyone experienced the same? Did it recover after a while? And how long did it take until it fully recovered?


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    Hi there
    Reading your posts I had the same situation. Used minox 5% for 6 weeks. Started feeling palpitations mostly at night for 2 weeks, I was just ignoring them but the 3rd week I got panicky and the anxiety attack kicked in. Got checked for any heart issues and all Ok. I was dealing with awful anxiety for 2 months, I did try cbd drops for a couple of weeks but werenít too effective. Finally I decided to see a doctor (Psychiatrist). She said the product could be the origin of my palpitations and anxiety. I was diagnosed with General anxiety disorder. Serotonin is being produced and or entering the cells too slowly hence allowing the anxiety and panic attacks to kick in. Iím on meds which are working. I can do my normal life again and soon we will taper off the meds and let mi body do the work alone. Guys From other forums Iíve read these symptoms can last various months so if it doesnít go away soon donít doubt to get help. Let us know how are you doing lately guys.

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