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    I know this feeling. Indeed it is awful when you can't control your body and mind. Unfortunately, I had prolonged depression in quarantine, and I decided to take antidepressants until it grew into something more serious. So, I ordered Xanax without a prescription and started to take it in March. Indeed, the effect was perfect, and now I feel better. But it was a real problem for me to swallow the pill altogether. So, my friend recommended that I crush the tablet with a knife or grind it into powder before taking it. It's easier to drink it this way, and it doesn't induce a gag reflex or damage to the larynx.

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    Hey guys

    I had been taken rogaine minoxidil 5% liquid for a bit more than 2 months and all of a sudden - literally from one sec to the other - anxiety began. I‘ve never had any anxiety before, i‘ve always been super chilled.

    I stopped taking minoxidil 6 weeks ago and started seeing a phsychologist. She said this may cause the problem.

    Has anyone experienced the same? Did it recover after a while? And how long did it take until it fully recovered?


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