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    Default Dry scalp or dandruff???

    I had a panic attack when my hair was greasy back in jan, i was under a bright light as well.

    I brought Alpecin caffeine shampoo and noticed it was drying my hair out and causing an itch.

    Over the months i kept trying different shampoos i even used a cleansing shampoo that gave me terrible dandruff.

    On monday i used the alpecin shampoo and nearly straight after using it i felt an itch on my crown area, and then towards the front of my hair and another and even on my ear, i asked my mum to look and could see quite a but of scurf in my hair.

    The itch towards the crown and back of my head has nearly been constant. With some others all over. But I am constantly thinking about it as well.

    I can pull my hair and lose no hair where the itch is.

    I am now using vosene shampoo to help with dandruff, if it is dandruff how long until it settles down. I know its not immediately and thst is why I probably have it again.

    The flakes are smallish see through white flakes.

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    Default Dandruff and body acne? Change your sheets!

    Change your bedsheets and pillowcases. No kidding!

    Dandruff and body acne. The culprit: new sheets bought at Walmart, the brand Better Homes and Gardens, made in India, 100% cotton.
    They are cotton but have a shiny finish.
    Several months after purchase, my husband and I were desperate with full-on dandruff and my husband's shoulders, arms and back were broken out in severe acne.
    I changed our soap, shampoo, deodorant, detergent. It was so bad. I finally thought of the sheets. I dug out the old 100% cotton sheets that have the usual smooth, matte texture I associate with cotton.
    Two months later, no dandruff for either of us. It took longer for my husband to recover from the acne and rashes, but he is back to normal.

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