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    Hey guys (and gals) - hope everybody is doing well tonight.

    I have a question about sweating and how it does or DOES NOT affect hair loss.

    I have always perspired quite a bit, but I would say about 75% of the sweat comes through my pores on my forehead. That's where the sweat seems to form and then proceeds to gush down my head. Now - alot of people say this is good and healthy because it means I have a good "cooling system", and while that might be true, could this have anything to do with why I have lost my hairline? I know it's not the direct cause, but could it hasten it?

    My second question is the same only does it have any impact on transplanted hairs? I had my first procedure one month ago.

    Hope to hear from you folks!


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    No mate - not in all my experience have i come across sweat have any impact on hair or recently Ht hair.
    Hope this helps!
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    Default hi

    yes i agree i get sweat pouring from front pours only and it seems to burn in this area to same if i eat spicy food the burning starts in front were hairloss uis there must be some connection

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