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    Default Possible Cause of Propecia side effects ??? My take

    Guys, we all know that propecia works by preventing the conversion of testosterone to dihyrotestosterone( DHT ). What i dont understand is why a side effect would be permanant. Example is a drug called arimidex which prevents the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. Men who use this drug dont have permanant side effcts.
    This drug prevents the conversion from aramatase enzymes just as 5-alpha reductase is blocked with propecia for dht.
    If dht bounces back after discontinuation, how can side effects be permanant?

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    Avoid stress/anxiety stopping thinking/reading negative comments! Try supplementing multi vitamin, extra zinc and horny goat weed to minimise side effects.

    The main factor is stress and anxiety, over thinking! I have had all the major sides and I am still on Finesteride after years. The main key factor and game changer to avoid side effects is the power of your mind, control your mind and your mind controls your body chemistry.

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