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    Question Top 5 FUE Dr's in North America?

    Until recently I was pretty set on scheduling an FUT for later this year. My consult suggested in the area of 3000 grafts for repair of a Norwood III hairline.

    Having spent time since on forums like this one however, I'm starting to second guess FUT for both scarring and recovery reasons, and wondering if perhaps FUE make more sense in my circumstances. I'd like to start speaking with some surgeons.

    That said, if you were asked to list the TOP 5 FUE surgeons in North America (and pretending cost wasn't an issue) who would you list?


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    Dr Bernstein in NYC.

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    Below are critical questions that you need answers to before moving forward with any FUE clinic.

    1) Is your Doctor the person doing the FUE harvesting or is a Physician Assistant or technician doing the harvesting?

    2) How long has your surgeon been doing FUE and FUE harvesting?

    3) How many FUE cases does your doctor perform monthly?

    4) If your doctor does both Strip and FUE, Does your doctor perform more strip cases then FUE cases monthly?
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