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    film *PICTURES* Receding hairline with long hair

    Hey, I have long hair (shoulder length), and have a receding hairline.

    I havenít started any treatments yet, and would like input before I do.

    Iím set on starting with generic finasteride, as I believe Minoxidil/Regain will be too messy to apply properly to my scalp due to long hair.

    Images of my hair tied back below:

    When my hair is down/untied, all the damage is hidden and it just looks like I have a slightly high forehead, which is great except itís made me put off treatment for a few years in denial.
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    I also have shoulder length hair and it's a similar colour/texture to yours.

    I use all of 'the big 3' and would highly recommend minoxidil, it's not that much trouble to apply to long hair, you just part your hair in the thin areas to expose the scalp before applying. I have also found that Nizoral reduces scalp itchyness and shedding, it costs £4 and is easy to use so would also recommend using this.

    Minoxidil does make your hair slightly greasy so you will need to wash it either every day or every other day, on day 2 I usually apply dry shampoo which is great for boosting the volume of long hair and makes it appear less lank.

    I was pretty despondent not long ago as it sucks to lose you mane as a long hair, but I'm finally seeing a bit of regrowth and can say it's totally worth the aggro.

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