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    Quote Originally Posted by Jgraham View Post
    Dr. Prasad's procedure is not surgery. It really is suited to guys who are just starting to lose their hair. The reason no hair transplant doctor will do anything before age 25 is because a hair transplant can't add any new hair to your head, it only moves them, and does nothing to protect the hair you already have. Prasad's hair regeneration is the real thing. It worked on me and that was after being bald for 20+ years. Look into A-cell. A man lost the tip of his finger from right under his top knuckle. Instead of letting it heal,he dipped it into A-cell powder and the man grew his finger back. Bone, skin, nail, everything. You have what is known as a virgin scalp, meaning you've never had a hair transplant. I had transplants done 20 years ago. I was very lucky,a lot of people were butchered back then. I was not, but even with the best hair transplant doctor you can get slight raises in the scalp where the graft is inserted. The A-cell cleared all of my little bumps away. It is actually a healing procedure. It is your hair growing back in. Don't wait. Talk to him. If you're not in New York you can consult with him online.
    There isn't much data on prp+acell at this point. For every person that claims it works there is one that claims it didn't or worse triggered a bad shed. For someone who is desperate or has unlimited resources sure but for most people it's a shit ton of money for something that hasn't been proven

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