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    Question Transgender and balding, yikes

    Iím not good at introductions, but itís good to be here (well, not really, Iíd rather not be balding and thus have come here).

    Iím a transman (that means I was born biologically female).

    Part of transitioning is HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy- this means every month I get stabbed with a big needle and have testosterone pushed into me- fun).

    Testosterone... is making me bald. Thatís right. I willingly, regularly pay a lot of money to receive pain to get bald. Double fun, right ?

    Iím not really sure how to go about saving my hair without fighting a pointless battle so am hoping there are other trans people in this community that have some insight.

    Iím ready to start taking Finasteride and using Minoxidil, however I canít find sources saying if either of these will result in reduced facial or body hair growth, or reduce other typical aspects of male puberty.

    I donít know if there are better products on the market, and also donít know exactly where to purchase these from. Itís expensive to get these from reputable places like Boots, but probably the most reliable option to ensure Iím getting a good product, right ?

    Iíd greatly appreciate any input.

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    Certainly talk to your doctor about it if you haven't already, but I don't think finasteride or minoxidil affect things like beard growth or body hair, I've never heard of that anyway. There are no real alternatives to these two products, if you want finasteride in the UK (you mentioned Boots, so I'm guessing you're UK) you need a prescription, and you can get cheaper generic finasteride without having to pay for the name brand.

    I do very vaguely recall seeing an advert for a documentary on the bbc about a transman, and he was balding - I don't know if they discussed this in the programme (I guess they would) because I didn't watch it, but that might have had some useful information.

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