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    Default Going to try my first hair system. Any tips?

    Hey guys, If things go well I'll be trying my very first hair system in a bit more than a month. I asked for a 25 cm horizontally and 18 cm vertically lace with 10-12cm hair and good density for a messy hairstyle (which I hope it works). Unfortunately they didn't have more than 25 cm (I'm a diffuse thinnner so didn't really loose much at the front), so I'm a little bit scared that I might end up having a bigger forehead (currently at 5-5.5cm) that I currently have. I also chose the "C" category as frontal contour.

    Do you guys have any tips that I should take in consideration? Since I still have some hair I'll have to "create" balding area on top for it to fit in. Can the system keep it's density (more or less) if you maintain it properly? Can the glue stick to your hair roots and perhaps take them out? Would I be good to go if I remove it once or twice a week?

    This is my second post regarding hair systems, the first one people gave me quite some good feedback regarding some pre-insecurities about going towards this path but now that I'm set for this, I just wanted to ask these last ones that I was questioning myself. Sorry for being too skeptical! :3

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    Olá Vunoo... Chegaste a colocar a prótese? Como está a ser a experiênica?

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