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    Default Permanent SMP, viable?

    While I'm still undecided about SMP, I read Joe Tillman's experiences with SMP patients. That raised many problems with having permanent SMP. One of the problems has to do with removal, ie.;

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    "you are still tattooing your head and if you want to talk about the lasering of dots in long hair with tricho vs. permanent you're leaving out the issue of follicular damage from laser treatments. No one I know in the industry, on any level, recommends laser removal of pigment into hair bearing regions of the scalp. That is follicular suicide."
    Suppose a patient who has had FUE later gets SMP. Illustration:

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    Those white dots are not a "hair bearing regions" of the scalp. Permanent SMP (assuming it truly is permanent) is laser-removable if you are unhappy with it. Temporary SMP, on the other hand, is costly, and time-consuming since it has to be done many times. (possibly up to 6 times per session?)

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    6 sessions! Wow thats pretty severe. I can get most procedures done in 3 sessions with the first session providing immediate results. Have a look at or on instagram @scalpsolutionsny

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