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    Default feeling more and more hopeless - baldness and dating

    Being bald is challenging in itself but to lose your hair at a fairly young age like myself (25/26) was not easy knowing that in time I would not be that attractive as I once was.
    Now at 34, Iíve lost all my hair and I can definitely say that it has affected my dating chances. Iím not as appealing to women as I once was. I remember when I still had some hair left I would still get women in public giving me a second look etc. but now, nothing, I'd be lucky to get a glance. I'm sure this is something that many of you can relate to, that feeling like you're invisible sometimes and baldness has alot to do with it. Most women simply aren't into it. I obviously wouldnít care if I was married but still being single, still searching at this age, this is not a great place to be.
    Dating sites and statistics have proved that bald men receive fewer messages and spark less interest from women.

    To prove this I actually did an experiment on a dating site I've been on for the past few months. I uploaded some old photos, ones of me from around 5 years ago when I still had a fair amount of hair (enough to have a buzz cut look) and still looked great. I left these photos on my profile for quite a while just to see who would message me compared to the messages I received when I have my current photos up (of how I look now with no hair) and did notice some difference. I tend to have older women viewing my profile with the bald look but I would say Iíve had less interest overall. There was one girl I remember who waved at me (whilst having my old photos up), I messaged back, she responded and then l changed them after my second message to herÖ.and I havenít heard from her since! She seemed very keen and then the moment she saw my baldness I guess it put her off.
    I have thought about a hair transplant but even with that, Iíve been told that my baldness is so severe that I may not have enough donor hair to be a good candidate for one! I know there are some women who specifically like a bald head but they are few and far between.

    How have other guys who are totally bald and still single coped with this impending thought that women won't even bother giving you a second glance?

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