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    Hi . I’m new and a woman . I lost lots of hair when I got sick . I’m 48 and would like this done also . Any recommendations for me ? It doesn’t have to be turkey 😊thank you

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    Hi. I new too. You can search for clinics in Turkey. I'm searching at this days too

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    Default Clinic center

    Hi ,
    I’m unsure what I should be looking for in terms of clinics . This is one offer received ,
    Hi Maria,

    This is ___your medical consultant from Clinic Center, Turkey, proud sponsor of Brighton Hove/ Albion FC. We have received your inquiry through out What clinic and I will be happy to help with your hair loss. Here you have our hair transplant package which s price is 1680 USD and includes following services:

    Hair transplant with guarantee certificate
    Maximum number of grafts with FUE method
    PRP therapy
    3 Nights of accommodation at 4 star hotel
    All transfers between airport and hotel with private car
    Personal host who will be reachable 24 hours during your stay in Turkey
    100 € discount for group bookings
    Check up
    Medical shampoo and lotion
    First hair washing

    I will be glad if you could send me your pictures taken from front, sides, top and back for the assessment of our hair specialist so I can inform you about your personalized treatment plan accordingly. By the way we are having an office in London where you can visit us every week day. Looking forward to hear from you.
    Best regards,

    It is a technologist performing the surgery .
    What do you guys think ?

    A trichologist is performing the procedure. Trichologists are hair doctors who are performing the most important phases of the hair transplant like, extracting grafts, opening canals and transplanting the taken grafts one by one to the recipient areas. His name is Erdoğan Şimşek who was educated by Ishrs certified doctors.

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    Quote Originally Posted by monkaka View Post
    As I was browsing through all the positive comments on BHT Clinic, I was persuaded that this is the right place for me. That wasn't the case and hence my reflection aims to set the record straight for all those still fighting to accept the new reality of their very own appearance.
    My experience with BHT Clinic was overly terrible and I couldn't be more disappointed, to put it mildly! In terms of my personal comfort as a patient, the very same experience was as poor as it gets. I was forced to invest about 2h in looking for the driver who was supposed to be holding an orange poster with my name on it. Not only it wasn't orange but it was rather attached to a metal fence at the level of people’s feet where can’t be possibly seen. It was after midnight and my behavior apparently incited the police to approach me with a number of questions on suspicion for planning an outrage of some kind. I attempted to contact Emre but the late hours perhaps constitute a reasonable cause for not answering. Early on the next day, I was instructed to take the taxi that was allegedly waiting for me in front of the hotel at right about noon time. it soon became as clear as day that the driver didn't know where to drive to. As he didn't happen to have any command on English language whatsoever, he dialed a friend of his and unsolicitedly let me handle the talking. None of us, the driver and I, knew the final destination that we were supposed to go to. Luckily, there was a guy ahead waving at us. The examination of my hair took about 5 minutes to complete. No technique was involved to estimate the number of grafts I have in my donor area or the density that they should stick to when implanting back the grafts to my recipient area. Even more shocking was that my guide, the only other English speaker, wasn't aware of the arrangement made with Emre in terms of the graft number to be implanted or the price negotiated. The same person spent about 20 minutes convincing me to pay an additional fee for PRP treatment. I had to turn him down several times before he actually accepted my stand on the matter. I felt suppressed to a great extent which further led to my embarrassment and uneasiness because I wasn't able to afford it. Two people had been taking turns to work on me. I would classify their attitude as highly unprofessional and disrespectful as they obviously perceived laughing and talking loudly at my ears for most of the time to be appropriate demeanor. On the top of all, I was supposed to get 10 EUR back in Turkish lira later on but this didn't happen. I swallowed all of it hoping that eventually the bright sight will appear, i.e. the result will be satisfactory. Moreover, I wasn't given the “special cap” so I had to remind my guide of it twice. Imagine the additional discomfort that I was about to experience if I had to travel back home with all eyes staring at me. Since a year passed away, I can affirmatively state that the result is awful and the regrowth rate is next to nothing. Roughly 4000 grafts went down the drain. They did offer me a revision surgery but I rather insisted on being refunded as I didn't gain what I paid for. On the stipulation that this was my second surgery overall, I have not enough grafts left to address my hair loss problem in its entirety. Hence, a revision surgery that may prove to be as unsuccessful as the first one, will not stand as relevant or make it up for the wasted grafts and overall treatment I had to endure. I will never be able to fix my hair problem and to my request they reacted by ignoring me altogether.
    By and large, everything felt organized at the last instant possible and to all those wishing to not go through the same path - pass up BHT Clinic and keep doing your research!
    Unfortunately I had a very similar experience in 2018. It's a shame there isn't much visibility on this forum, perhaps because of the acronym BHT...

    The reviews they show on their site do not match up with other sites. They embed reviews which look very different to

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    Quote Originally Posted by dst View Post
    Unfortunately I had a very similar experience in 2018. It's a shame there isn't much visibility on this forum, perhaps because of the acronym BHT...

    The reviews they show on their site do not match up with other sites. They embed reviews which look very different to
    On closer inspection from the Trustpilot page, it actually links you to:

    Which seems completely unrelated and more sketchy.

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    So much false information given..
    Trichologists are hair doctors.. Trained by ISHRS doctors..
    Proof, proof, proof.. Please always ask them to prove it.
    It is the easiest thing to claim that. Ask them which school is s/he from, diploma number, which ISHRS surgeons trained him/her etc.

    I guarantee you, 90% of the clinics will stop replying you. And this is a good thing to eliminate the scams.
    Don't spend your money to get scammed.

    Don't want to spend too much time on research? Then check ISHRS, ABHRS, IAHRS websites to find the real hair surgeons with real qualifications, not bogus ones.

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    Firstly you can use this link:

    I found it for Turkey, this website help to which man/woman is Doctor or not!
    Because of lots of technician doing that.
    And if it is true they have to share social media photos/videos with doctor-patients.
    You can ask to him and check twice. If they are not true their social media photos not have their doctors.
    I hope this will work all of patients.

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