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    Default Mixing minoxidil powder


    Recently I acquired minoxidil powder for sake of mixing minoxidil 5% solution. I did it since in my country is really hard to get minoxidil and even if you do it is really expensive.

    Since I need like 5 ml/day buying expensive minoxidil is not a solution.

    So I tried to mix my own. I made 5% solution using 2500 mg of minoxidil powder and 50 ml solution of 96% ethanol (63%), propylene glycol (20%) and distilled water (17%). So my calculations were correct to make 5% minoxidil.

    However the solution didn't mixed as well as expected. Powder didn't solved completely, there are leftovers on the bottom of bottle. And if I shake the bottle, minoxidil powder floating in liquid becomes obvious.

    Will this solution even work? Did anyone tried to mix minoxidil powder? How to make it better?


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    Minoxidil is a white to off-white powder barely soluble in water but soluble in propylene glycol, methanol, and ethanol. Its solubility in water is 2.2mg/ml, while in propylene glycol is 75mg/ml.

    You can find more details on minoxidil powder by https://octagonchem.com/products/cosmetics/minoxidil/, Just try solvents with better solubility than water.

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